FUCK SEX. FUCK IT. I honestly do NOT like sex. Not that it feels bad, I just don’t like having sex. It makes me feel dirty and disgusting and when I picture myself doing anything sexual I hate myself. I don’t want to have sex. I just don’t and I will not have sex, and there is NOTHING wrong with that. I don’t care if I never have a relationship again because of it. I’d rather be alone if sex is really THAT important. I think our society values sex WAY too much. I think there are way way more important things in a relationship. I understand sex is necessary to make a baby and that’s cool because don’t want babies anyway. I respect myself and love myself just enough to not have to settle and do things to make other people happy. I have the courage to say no to the things I want nothing to do with. For once I’m happy with myself and who I am, at least to this extent. I’m not hating myself for being different. I’m actually loving myself for being different and that is a HUGE improvement. 

July 22, 2014

Today has been an absolutely shit day. Literally yesterday I was thinking about how I hadn’t been that happy in forever. Then today happened. I feel betrayed and insulted and I’m flat-out stressed. I can’t deal with people. This is exactly why Buddha is so right. Attachments to not only objects but people as well will fuck your shit up. RID YOURSELF OF ATTACHMENTS. Or just avoid them in the first place. You’ll be much happier. Buddha knows. 

constantly struggling with myself. 


Watch me bleed. pe We Heart It.


We all tell ourselves that if we’re in a relationship we’ll be happier. That’s complete bullshit. Relationships are hard ass work. It’s a struggle. You no longer get to do whatever you want. You have to constantly worry about this other person and how your actions affect them even if your actions are completely simple, normal actions. This is not fun, okay. 


That’s the plan